Chris Yung

Apex Talent Group

(818) 963-8448

Priviledge at Momentum Talent Agency

(818) 386-2377







One Upon a Time in the East        SUPPORTING                            Nick Van Slambrouck

Boden's Mate                                   SUPPORTING                            Keenan Mock

Darkness Before Dawn                   CO-STAR                                    USC

Mob Rules                                        SUPPORTING                            Keith Parmer

Hikiwake                                          CO-STAR                                    USC

Return of the Sun Devil                   STUNTS                                      Steven Ayromlooi

Price Of Success                             STUNTS                                      Fabian Garcia

No Horizon                                      STUNT COORDINATOR             Keenan Mock

Black Tiger                                      STUNT COORDINATOR             Toby Xi

No Honor                                         STUNT COORDINATOR             Colin Lawrence

Black Tiger                                     STUNT DOUBLE (ROBIN SHOU)  



Call Of Duty                                    PRINCIPAL                                   Activision

Supah Ninjas                                  STUNTS                                       Nickelodeon

Deadliest Warrior                           RECURRING                                 Spike TV

Warriors                                          CO-STAR                                      History Channel


Electric Pow Wow Music Video     LEAD                                          Edoardo Scotti


Sword N' Armory                          PRODUCT MODEL/ DEMONSTRATIONS


Zack Diliberto's Acting Studio      Improve/Cold Read                  Zack Diliberto

SCV Acting Studio                       Commercial Acting                    Ruben Moreno

Actors Improve Studio                 Improv/Cold Read                     Bill Applebaum

Pierce College Theater/Performing   Arts    Theater                      Valorie Grear

Academy of Movement Arts and   Sciences

Stunt Training and Wirework with Tim Storms

WLA Kendo Dojo

Martial Arts (Kendo)

So Cal Kendo Federation

Le Club Gymnastics Club

USA Trickers

Martial Arts (Tricking)

Tae Kwon Do

Martial Arts (Tae Kwon Do)

LA Wushu Academy

Los Angeles Fight Academy (LAFA)

Stage Combat/Film Fighting

Other   Experience

Surfing, Martial Arts, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo, US Marine Veteran